Representative Cases

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Most cases are resolved through confidential settlements that cannot be disclosed.  The following is a representative sample of recent cases litigated by the Sherinian, Hasso & Wilson Law Firm in where the results are not confidential:

  • $400,000+ awarded to State of Iowa job applicant denied a job due to her disability.  In December 2019, after two trials and two appeals, the Iowa Court of Appeals affirmed a verdict in Dorothy Hollinger's favor against the State for failing to hire her because of her knee disability.
  • $100,000 paid to State of Iowa employee for sexual harassment by her male supervisor in 2019.
  • Polk County jury found Iowa Department of Corrections discriminated against transgender nurse Jesse Vroegh  and awarded damages.  In this case tried with ACLU Iowa in February 2019, the jury agreed it was discriminatory to prohibit Mr. Vroegh from using the restrooms and locker rooms consistent with his gender identity, and to deny him  insurance coverage for medically necessary care because he was transgender.
  • EEOC judge awarded $180,000 to United States Postal Service worker for disability discrimination.  In this 2018 trial, the EEOC judge found the USPS had failed to provide reasonable accommodations for the worker's disability, awarded damages, and ordered sweeping changes to the employer's disability accommodation policies and procedures.
  • City of Ames approved $250,000 settlement for public works employee claiming disability discrimination and retaliation in 2018.
  • Bank employee was awarded $3.5 million after jury trial in 2016 after proving the bank ousted him because he was gay.
  • Mason City School District approved $175,000 settlement in 2015 for employee who claimed disability discrimination and wrongful termination when he was fired after hurting his back at work.
  • Judge ordered reinstatement of Iowa Department of Transportation employees and awarded $400,000 in back pay and other damages in 2014 after finding they were wrongfully terminated.
  • Postal carrier reinstated and received $70,000 in back pay and other damages in 2013 after the Postal Service failed to accommodate his disability and suspended him.
  • State of Iowa approved $180,000 settlement for employee claiming sex discrimination in 2011 when she was fired because her manager viewed her as uncommitted to her job because she was a mother.
  •  Jury awarded fired warehouse worker $1.2 million in 2011 after finding the company failed to accommodate his disability after he hurt his back at work and fired him.
  •  Jury awarded fired daycare worker over $100,000 in 2009, finding she was illegally fired for refusing to violate state regulations setting staffing ratio requirements.

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